We were here, where were you?

The trouble with owning a mum and pop retail pottery business is ya can just never tell when the best day is to close. Invariably we stay open all day long and since nobody has come we decide to take off early and do something for ourselves. We arrive home to a note on the door "We were here, where were you!" Ouch!!! Well this past Sunday Sheila had to go see her dad in the hospital and I had a birthday lunch daughter Robin. We closed and took off for the day. I went to Toronto and rode the Red Rocket to a part of town called Leslieville which is in the heart of the film district in Toronto and very cool. You wouldn't know there is a recession on in TO as there were line ups for brunch in all the good spots. Next door to where Robin lives in The Beaches is a doggie business that sends out a streeeeeeeeeeeetch to pick up your Fifi to have it's nails clipped back at the Dog Spa. Of course just down the street is a Doggie Bakery. I might just return to this world as a dog. With my luck I'd arrive on the streets of Bejing.


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