PG Rating

In our little movie theatre of a pottery Saturdays are PG Rated. We serve a small tasting of Pinot Grigio to our customers on Saturdays. Hey, we have to work weekends so we might as well enjoy them. A small sampling of wine is a good ice breaker and gives the customer some time to consider their purchases. We had one of our best Saturdays today since before 911. Yep, you bet 911 impacted our pottery situated half an hour from our US friends. It helped that we sold 14 dinner place servings of a dinner, luncheon, soup, cups and extras like trays and large bowls. People are out shopping and as Sheila said we just never seem to be able to make enough of our domestic ware line. Oh, and wood fired is selling too.
You know we have found that Reggae music gets people tapping their toes and feeling alright. Try this great version of Bob Marley's "One Love"


Vicki Hamilton said…
Hey alright Tony & Sheila! What a huge and glorious day. Congratulations to you both, and I am sure Sheila is right about the domestic ware. Brainstorming about what to make for the "season" has come up things for the home and for entertaining. Those squared plates are lovely. Here's to ya!

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