All killer, no filler!

It's strawberry season here on the Niagara Peninsula and we eat our fair share of them. I was interested in how the local farmer puts all the big killer berries on the top and then the little harder ones are on the bottom.
This is a little like what is presented when you open your kiln. A few killers and a fair number of fillers. It's not that you didn't try to make them all killers but somehow between your hands, your head, your heart and the kiln devil something happened. One is full, round and ripe and one is hard and without much taste. Not tasteless let's hope but without the flavour of the killer. One day I'm going to fire a kiln that's all killer and no filler. Maybe the next one!


FetishGhost said…
I have to admitt, I still pray and hope for the "Killer" but I still get a fair amount of "filler". I'm hoping it's a growth thing and not something personal...

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