How to Attract Men

When we did the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition I'd always make a couple of my "Big Rolls" to place at the front of our booth. The large casseroles would weigh in at between 50 and 65 lbs. I know of no kitchen oven they would fit in or who would want to lift one filled with mac and cheese. Like deer caught in the head lights men would have to walk over and pick up the lid. It's a guy thing!
I bought a kids swimming pool to glaze them in. You can see my finger marks where I held it to dip the top half. I like to leave marks of process. This particular "Big Roll" is in the collection of Aaron Milrad a prominent Toronto lawyer and art collector.


Adam Field said…
Great form & great foot!
Madmud said…
It is gorgeous, beautifully balanced and wonderful subtlety. Bravo!
John Bauman said…
manly grunts from me too.
karen said…
Byron Temple in a workshop said by leaving marks on his work was
showing the "Act of making" which I love. Nice touch.

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