Log rolling

The widest accepted origin of " log rolling" is the old custom of neighbors assisting each other with the moving of logs. If two neighbors had cut a lot of timber which needed to be moved, it made more sense for them to work together to roll the logs. In this way, it is similar to a barn-raising where a neighbor comes and helps build your barn and then you go and help build his.
I'd like to roll a log and have you take a look at the work of Adam Field if you haven't already. Link at the right of my blog is "Dirt". I'm hoping my buddy Robin is reading this post. He is the Director Emeritus at Metchosin International School of the Arts and does have some pull in who occupies the clay pit for the summer school program. Sometimes people do great work but have the personality of a bag of hammers. Adam and I shared a room at Nceca in Phoenix and I became acquainted him and his work. Here is a good guy that is not only competent with a paddle for making perfectly symmetrical pots but check out the exquisite carving. After checking out his teapots I see he is an excellent thrower too! The teapot for me always being the benchmark of a potter.
Adam I'd luv to do a coil and throw duet with you sometime!


Owen said…
Hi Tony, thought you'd like to see my blog post about a recent Dennis Meiners workshop here in Central Oregon. Have a good one! Best, Owen


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