Unsung Heroes

I guess I hold the banner up for the ones that work in the trenches. The other night at Bruce's retirement party the students that had attended or were attending graduate school were individually recognized and applauded. I want to give a BIG "shout out" for those that make pots and have or are attending The University of Hard Knocks. They are trying to put a pound of butter on the table by making work from their own blood, sweat, tears and mound of clay. Many of them work serving tables, teaching kids classes, being brew masters at Starbucks and a assortment of other jobs to keep their fireboxes glowing. They make super work!
There seems to be an increasing number of Sheridan students attending Graduate schools and a decreasing number wanting to be potters. I picked a few of the attending potters that had websites and I show you their work. Patrick Yeung, Jenny Clark, Eric Wong,Tim Smith,Deborah Freeman.
One year I counted 31 Sheridan students and alumni at the Toronto Outdoor Exhibition which is a prestigious Art Show in Toronto. I think I counted 5 this year. Sheila and I will be visiting them at the show. Walk tall!


Sandy Miller said…
Why the trend to leave potting for the hallowed halls?
Seems like there will always be a place for good pots and potters.

beautiful work posted,
Anonymous said…
@ Madpotter1

It would be interesting to find out how many Sheridan potters apply to the Outdoor Show and are not accepted - I can think of 2 or 3 off of the top of my head. This might have something to do with the jury of TOAE as well.

I don't think many students understand what it takes to 'make it' in the Toronto area. The cost of making pots outside of school or a residency is extremely prohibitive. Many think just making pots is enough and don't do enough of the leg work (promotion) to pull it off; i.e. people don't beat down your door to buy your work.

The MFA factor; it is pretty much what you need these days - just look at AKAR. I would estimate over 80% of potters featured there have graduate degrees.
You have to work damn hard to get into school and work DAMN hard to pay it all off when you're through - it doesn't matter if you are making pots, paintings or sculpture.

I'm sorry, but It is hard in school and out of school.

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