U know me

I spent the day making yunomi's today. Here is the process. I throw the cups, add a decal from China ( Deck al in Canada and Dee cal in the US). I then cut the window out of the cup and apply my gnar gnar and reinsert it. The gnar gnar is my throwing clay with some Darvan 7 and silica sand added. I add some gobs of gnar gnar around the base of the foot and a wee lug for comfort of handling. These t-bowls are not for sissies. They demand that you look at them when drinking or else you'll cut your lip. Pots like this are the reason I'm not a rich man. It's an aesthetic I wish I was born without.


Anonymous said…
I absolutely LOVE mine@! My homemade mojitos taste even better in your yunomi. Can't wait for winter again - hot chocolate with a bit of kaluha will be best in it! I can't stop copping the feel of this pot. Notin else like it.
Neal O'B. said…
I like the look. One of my teachers talked about "evidence of process" in class. Your pots remind me of this statement. I'd love to see them after firing.

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