Double Down

Tomorrow is the last day of my quarter with the second year throwing class. We have the car kiln firing, another gas kiln and the big salt kiln. I have crits with the students in the afternoon but before we get into that we will have pot luck. They say you can judge the quality of a ceramics program by it's pot luck. Pity that I don't have enough money to take everyone the newly announced "double down' by KFC. The chicken is the bun and with bacon and cheese you got yourself a 600 calorie heart attack on a plate. My other option was to take in a Crispy Cream hamburger. A 1/4 lb burger in between to honey glazed Crispy Creme donuts. Gotta love the North American diet


Dennis Allen said…
Don't forget to get fries with that!
Unknown said…
Tony, A casserole with fresh ingredients YES! A dish that marketeers are touting?? What would you want; that which you desire or that which others say you should desire?

Anonymous said…
If you're going to KFC you should try the new Skin Sandwich.

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