Even a warthog

Even a deaf, dumb and blind warthog finds an acorn in the barnyard sometimes. 
Hard to stay focused on my studio and the writing of this blog. I hope some of the worst of starting the semester is behind me and my mind returns normal.
Some good news arrived this week. I got my copy of Lark Book's 500 Vases and I had a vase selected. Bruce Cochrane and two of our students Brenda Freeman and Barbara Rose also had vases in the book. The juror was Julia Galloway and I think she picked some outstanding work.
Also got word that we received a Top Pottery Blog Award from Online Colleges and Universities/Experimental College. I will proudly display the badge on the blog and it will remind me that I have to get back at it on a regular basis. In the meantime, I have some 6- 3 piece jugs to complete. Sadly this is the only studio work I will accomplished this week other than glazing and firing a kiln load. Good news comes in three's so they say. I'll keep you posted!


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