PC Pitchers

I am calling them PC Pitchers as I seem to be getting called on everything that comes out my mouth these days. I always thought pitchers hung on the wall and jugs were for wine or flowers.  There are three guys I'd like to have a word with. JFK for killing the wearing of a hat. The guy who invented a tie( I'm going to really tighten his). Thirdly the guy that named a certain part of the anatomy "Jugs" thereby robbing me of my favourite vessel. Jugs are more than that! They are about the foot, the belly, the shoulder, the neck, the lip and my personal fav the arm or handle.
Ava the Queen of England noticed I haven't been pulling my weight in the pottery of late so she decorated my chair with spider webs. Time for me to spend some more time in that chair as Christmas is coming.


bfreeceramics said…
Your Jugs are super hot.

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