Teach to learn

I must confess I've been so busy with Sheridan students and my studio the blog has taken a back burner. I received today from one of my students a lovely film clip of 94 year old Eva Zeisel speaking about 75 years of a playful search for beauty.  http://www.ted.com/talks/eva_zeisel_on_the_playful_search_for_beauty.html

You teach the students to be interested in all things ceramic and they get it and then teach you.


Kelly Kessler said…
Thanks for sharing this video, Tony. And I appreciate what you're saying about learning from your students. I find myself these days, as I'm saying good night to my class, adding spontaneously, "Thank you!" and meaning it. We create something together in class - by coming together in playful seriousness - that can't exist otherwise.
Hollis Engley said…
Tony, anyone down this way in New England or down on Cape Cod should know you're going to be doing a workshop yourself in Hyannis over the weekend of Oct. 22-24. (I know, this is an unpaid political announcement.) I'm going to have to miss the show because our son is suddenly visiting from Seattle that weekend, but others who are interested can go to capecodpotters.org to get details and sign up.
mikpo said…
Poetry in a line.

Eva is an extraordinary artist, functional ceramist. It's too bad the moderator didn't let her finish her account of her life. What's to point of punctiliousness???

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