Wong's Scottish Meat Pies

We've been crazy busy this past week with us both back teaching. We have had a few meals out. We like to go to The Thistle that is a Scottish fish and chip joint. It is always packed to the rafters with a line up. Their menu is basically fish and chips. The same oil isn't used for fish,  shrimp, calamari, chicken, Mars bars and other assorted culinary delights. They do one thing and do it well. Many moons ago when I worked with Mick Casson he asked me how many items I made back at my studio in Canada. I rhymed off 40 some odd items and he broke into uncontrollable laughter. Why do you North Americans think you can do it all well?
Mick made jugs for a living. He did have a few bowls, jars etc that I think were demo pieces but the jug was his signature piece. Want a good teapot in Britain- try Geoffrey Whiting. I'd say don't go to a Scottish restaurant for Dum Sim or Sushi and in a good southern BBQ I  wouldn't go for the seafood platter.


Anonymous said…
Wise words!
Now tuck in and order me a deep fried Mars bar.
bfreeceramics said…
that looks...sooo...delicious. here's to the North American Continent and deep fried foods!!

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