Chair Man of the Bored

This is the first December in over 23 years when we weren't hanging around waiting for a customer to pull in to our showroom. I'm actually doing stuff in my little basement workshop. I'm not bored with actually having a life. I love chairs!!!!! It all started when we visited a wood show and saw all this crappy furniture selling and in amongst all this was a guy who made his chairs on a treadle lathe and put dry wood into green wood so that it shrank and no glue was used. He didn't sell a chair until a couple of years later I had saved up enough to buy one. It is a full Windsor that he stained pumpkin orange and then put a black paint over it. It is now wearing thru beautifully.
This week at Pinecroft I was thrilled to have Brenda give me a couple of ladder backs that her Uncle Charles had made. Charles was truly a Renaissance man that lived in a log house by the pond and kept a daily journal of growing produce for sale, making chairs, knitting and cutting block ice for people's ice boxes. I spent the afternoon cleaning up the chairs and bringing Charles back to life in his work.

I've been a good boy this year so Santa if you were wondering go to David Fleming's website and look at his incredible chairs.  I'd take another rush Annie's chair to accompany Uncle Charles or I do love that Birdcage Windsor or the Connecticut Yankee or just choose anyone of them. Chairs and hats are a weakness. Did I mention good bourbon?


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