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In between Christmas visits Sheila and I have been putting up insulation and putting plywood on the walls. The last studio had drywall and nice trim. It was nice to look at but not all that practical for a mud and water guy. Plywood will allow us to put nails in the walls to hang tools and all the stuff we seem to need to make our pots.
It has been nice just doing manual work with no thoughts of other things that need done. It's been days since I thought of my class at school. Here is a picture of them- we're missing Amber.  I bought them all "I Love Isaac Button" buttons for Xmas. It is to remind them not to be afraid to be just a "potter". Making good honest pots that people need and love. What I would give for the Isaac Button 28 lb cider jar that I poured pear cider from the wooden spigot at Mick and Sheila  Casson's the summer I was at Upton Bishop, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire, England.
I hope I make even a fraction of the impact on my students as Mick did on me. Gave me a enough motivation to last a life time. There is a difference between those that want to make work and those that need to. I am the later and am missing making my work. It is within sight-  a month or so.


gz said…
Isaac Button.
Mick Casson.
Michael Cardew

Good motivators!!

Looking forward to seeing your work in 2012
wabi sabi said…
Love the comment"theres a difference between those who want to make work and those who need to" very true. Encouraging too when feeling the pressure to be modern or different but gonna continue to be the traditional potter I will always be,pottery is simple really "Form and Function"

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