Rats with a good PR Agent

I had my first day in a looooooong time working in the studio. We are tearing out the ceiling and replacing the insulation as it seems we had a leaky roof and a rodent. I don't like squirrels! They are just rats of another kind. Look what one of those viscous montsters did to our joist. There is barely a centimeter of wood left. If the roofer had weighed in over 200 lbs he would have gone through the roof. It felt good to do just plain old labour today. I input my marks and those of the faculty tomorrow and then I'm done for a few weeks. I'm looking forward to plain old mindless work. Plans are to paint the inside of the workshop yellow with a big blackboard on the wall for me to do my sketches of pots in process. We have to get cracking in the pot dept as it has been since August that we actually made anything.
I'd like a pellet gun for Christmas if anyone is wondering what to buy me.  Rats with bushy tails!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't tell anyone of my evil thoughts.


FetishGhost said…
Yellow sounds cheery and the blackboard sounds like a pretty darn good idea. The students I've been playing with are prone to give some funny looks as we draw out ideas on the studio floor.
June Perry said…
Darn those nut eating rats! Tony, do you know you can buy blackboard paint that turns a wall into a blackboard? I saw it on one of the HG decorating shows.
Have your students replicated that yellow earthenware glaze yet? I have a book from the 1800's written by someone who worked at Rockingham and I believe it has some lead recipes for yellow and other glazes. If you like I can check it out and email them to you.
Craig Edwards said…
Rats in Party clothes!
Anonymous said…
Had to comment - friends had a small sheetrock job starting at their house years ago, redoing the front hall as it had gotten squiggly for some reason. When the old rock was taken down, it appeared squirrels had eaten all supports throughout the area. The tub in the bathroom above had not fallen only due to it being wedged too tightly in its space. A $4000 dollar job became over $50,000. Give me a naked tail rat anytime over the bushy tail.
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