13 mug salute

On this Remembrance Day I take time to think of my Uncle Jimmie and Aunt Cavvy. Uncle Jimmie left the potteries to  spend 5 years in Europe fighting the Hun or Fritz as he called them. Probably not PC terms  but on this day I don't give a diddly damn. Here's to you Lance Sargent James Proctor Cowie Clennell and to you Selma Caverly of the WREN's- Womens Royal Navy.Thank you and thank you, again.
I am doing a 13 mug salute in their honour today. When my Uncle Jimmie died I went to the pottery to trim and put handles on the mugs he had made the day of his passing.

Thinking of you too Grass who I know spent much of childhood in a bomb shelter in London. Grass recorded this time in his blog and books.  We both were very much effected by the war. My time spent laying on the pine needle laden roof of the pottery listening to Uncle Jimmie telling me stories of the boys in the  potteries and the war. Wish I had recorded them.


June Perry said…
Ok - you lull me in with a great laugh and now you have me crying. Damn you for having such a big heart and writing so well!
smartcat said…
Thanks for a wonderful memory.

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