A red ski jacket

I remember going to look at goose down jackets. They were expensive and I wanted to buy one that I would wear and love for a long time. There was a bright red one that I  immediately lusted for. I thought to myself will I want to wear it everyday, tomorrow or next year? I walked out with a green jacket that I wore for many happy years. This is raku to me. I love it at first sight but I'm not sure I could live with it for long. I saw this little ash glazed bourbon cup by Phil Rogers today on Facebook. I can't help staring at it. I would enjoy using this wee cup for many years. This cup and that glaze/decoration have staying power.


Anonymous said…
That is the most interesting analogy I have ever read, and probably the best one for appreciating or accepting almost all artful objects!

and the cup is gorgeous, yes!

We have a Phil Rogers cup that is very similar... it's a joy to sip from!
Anonymous said…
I love the look of that Ski Jacket. My husband just bought one of these at Burlington Coat Factory and he is already practically living in it. He doesn't really need a new winter coat, but with the deal he got it would have been nearly impossible not to buy it. We saved about $50 off the department store price.
Anonymous said…
That is a gorgeous cup indeed.
Anonymous said…
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May Munro said…
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