A Potter's Briefcase

Well I'm cleaning up my Executive briefcase in preparation of back to school days.  After I washed the assembled tools I looked at them in three different groups- throwing, trimming and handling.
The ribs especially the flexible ones are important to a guy that is interested in round bulbous forms. I spend a lot of time in the shaping during the throwing process. I hate to admit it publicly but I don't like throwing. It is too messy! I can hardly wait for Day #2 to begin the trimming and handling. Because I trim at cheese soft I like my Dolan tools dulled by years of trimming tons and tons of clay.
I also have a small collection of Dolan knives. I know it's crazy to use $15 knives when I could use a cheap one for a buck or two. I think it is a consistent line of thought. If you think people should know the difference between a more expensive handmade mug and a cheap mass produced one then you should set an example. I do like the look of the wooden handle and the feel of it in my hands. I sell good quality and like to think that is what I surround myself with.
12 years at Sheridan. I do enjoy the students. They have pushed me to write, to get an MFA, to keep trying to be better. I really owe the students a lot.


Anonymous said…
tony, from the looks of it, you dont have enough tools. you are either too good or not trying. ;-)

kinda like cheating. heh heh

Anonymous said…
Tool boxes are awesome.
I love the Dolan tools. I age them, look at them on my tool shelf, for a long time before I ever start using them. If someone wants to borrow one, I give them the stern look, and they usually say, oh, forget it!
Enjoy back to school! I'm jealous and would love to go back!

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