Dear Micheal

Again a tribute to your casseroles from Africa. I have loved them most of my potting life. I have been giving a lot of thought lately to production and studio pottery. As most of you know I have one foot in each. I make production pottery at Pinecroft, and teach studio pottery at Sheridan and make one off studio pottery at home. I am also going to be on a panel at NCECA 2014 in Milwaukee entitled "Where have all the potters gone- last gasp or rebirth.
Micheal I have made two versions of your casserole. One closely resembles yours and the other is my interpretation of over  two decades of making a two piece casserole referencing yours. An articulated form, a split rim, a double handle, a trimmed foot , some pinches and pokes. All of these steps take time. I am most proud of my version and yet yours was faster and easier to make. So with each detail I try to include do I take away from the bottom line? Should I teach quantity or should I preach God is in the Details?
Filling in the bottom of a cup  handle takes about as much time as pulling and putting on a handle. Why do it? Attention to detail, wood firing, local  materials, shino glazes, etc, etc. Why do I make life so hard?  You Micheal set such a high bar for good pots. You continue to be my favourite read. I wish we could have met.


Dennis Allen said…
Plenty of questions. Do I have to drive to Milwaukee for the answers?
smokieclennell said…
Yes Dennis you have to come to Milwaukee. I'd love to have a pint with ya. With your sense of humour I think we might close the bar. t
Dan Finnegan said…
What would MC think of those double handles?! These are wonderful.
Anonymous said…
walked away from the wheel frustrated....came here looking for energy...found it ....questions make me feel better than answers do.... amazing pots!


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