Teach to learn

Well yesterday was my first day back at school. I taught the throwing of a general purpose bowl. A bowl you can use for chowder, salad, cereal, ice cream, etc. etc. I make it a bit on the big side using 1 and

1/2 lbs of clay so that a nice foot can be trimmed on it. Their assignment was to make 20 yesterday. When I left at 5 most had completed the assignment. Today is clay making and a pot luck to welcome the first years.
What I like about Sheridan is I learn from the students. One of the keener first year students Jordan Scott now in my second year Throwing class spent the summer in Wales working for Phil Rogers. Phil in turn got him a position at the old Leach Pottery in St. Ives for 2 weeks. Phil makes one of the best foot rings this cowboy has ever seen. Now if my student has that down then I will learn once again.
While the students were making GP bowls I made some wee bourbon cups to keep myself busy. I'm not the wander around and hold hands kind of teacher. Jordan made me some of Phil's slip. I asked for it thick. Man do I like the edge on the rim.
Here is the ancient Chinese recipe if you care to use it. Good thick or thin.
3 scoops of ball clay
1 scoop of molochite (porcelain grog)


Cyndi said…
Thanks Tony for continuing to post interesting thoughts. I appreciate your time.

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