Fun, fat sizzling Boot Camp

There was a neon mobile sign on the highway just as you turn into Sheridan College that read " Fun, fat sizzling Boot Camp". I thought perhaps the Assistant Dean had sprung some advertising dollars for my course. The next 7 weeks I teach what used to be called "Production Throwing" and now I call it Potter's Boot Camp.
At Sheridan we teach the students that when you peel back the sod clay does not magically appear in perfectly wrapped 25 lb clear plastic bags. The students actually make their own clay in an old dough mixer and it is then pugged for throwing. On day one I had the 13 students make 20 general purpose bowls which meant I got to walk in the room and see 260 bowls laid out on the tables.  Homework is 10 3 lb serving bowls and 10 pies plates. So we will have 500 bowls in week #1. Slips were introduced so hopefully the students will have some fun decorating the thrown work.


Dennis Allen said…
Crack that whip Mr. Potter man.

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