Come to your senses

If you are looking for a good workshop come to your senses and

look no further than Pinecroft Centre for the Arts. We just had a fantastic workshop entitled "The Narrative Tile" by the pride of Sheridan College, Mary Philpott. We keep learning after each workshop. An old Marketing adage is that the more senses you can appeal to the better your success of making a sale. We appealed to all 5.
Visual- We had Mary! We had her amazing work! She brought an entire library of resources and a couple of decades of great information.  We had an amazing Ontario sunny fall day and the view from the workshop over the pond was indeed fabulous. Mary attracted professional tile makers/potters from as far as Connecticut. First time clay makers were also made easily at home with the material by an encouraging skillful teacher.
Smell: Herm sparked up the wood fired pizza oven early in the day to get it hot for snacks. The smell of wood smoke wafted thru the door.
Touch: The students were kept busy all weekend with numerous techniques of making marks on their pressed and rolled tiles.
Taste: Fresh coffee and cookies from Spicer's Bakery to start the day.  As always lunch at the Green Frog Tearoom  was fabulous. Then on Saturday after class Herm served wood fired pizza and we had some white and red wine.
Sound: Herm had a reunion of the The Jammin' in the Cabin Band play at the pizza party. Many of the workshop participants stayed into the night.
We were all very pleased with the feeling of "energy" that was oozing out of the building.
Pinecroft-" A Potter's Dream Come True" is carved on Uncle Jimmie and Aunt Cavvy's gravestone. It really was a dream workshop.


bonnie said…
wish i'd been there, sounds like a dream...
Denina Nicole said…
This looks like fun! Beautiful tiles she makes.
Cyndi said…
So very Cool, that your dream is coming to fruition. I know it is hard work. Congratulations!

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