In the first week of class my 13 students have produced nearly 500 bowls. Some have called me a slave driver. One student is absent with a bum wrist. I've only asked for 40 pots each in a week. As many of you know I went to school in a program set up by Robin "Grass" Hopper which when I went was run by a Brit potter Roger Kerslake who took over for Grass. Roger never asked for 20 of this or 10 of that! He asked for "one" ware cart full of pots for next Monday. If that were mugs it meant one ware cart full of mugs. If it were casseroles it meant one ware cart of casseroles. Each student had a ware cart to fill. I remember making a ware cart of casseroles that he didn't like. They all went for a swim in the slop bucket. I had to make them over again. I now make a pretty nice casserole.
My class from that program produced many makers that have made pots for over 3 decades. Many have bought houses, raised families, and made a living from their pots. Most are names you will not have heard of. They haven't sought provincial, national or international reputations. They had made good solid pots and made a living. Some of the names from that group -Eric Lindgren, Micheal Collins, Gary Bierley, Ken Loverock, Jane Wilson, Gayle Fairchild, Hartley Woodside and moi. A Dean these days would be very pleased with a 80% employment rate in their field

out of college.


Dennis Allen said…
The most important lesson is " It ain't easy"

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