Da man!

Yesterday Bill Van Gilder posted some sexy looking jars with nice strap handles. I can tell he was British trained. When I look at potters work that I like from the UK - Phil Rogers, Mike Dodd, and Jim Malone I can't help but think that all including Bill have been looking at the work of Richard Batterham. For my money he is "da man" in UK Ceramics. Tomorrow I will show one of his jars with a nice strap handle.
But today here is one of his butter dishes. Chattering for Dan, ash glaze for Dick and inspiration for me. If Richard Batterham the potter's potter so can make butter dishes then so can I. I showed my double handle this weekend at the teapot workshop I did at Pinecroft. I turned my back for two seconds and Stoner my mentee did a triple. It was really, really nice. It is now his! I did a half double with a twist. In figure skating if ya can't do a quad you ain't nobody!

I am working up to that!


Anonymous said…
He is "da man", Tony, isn't he? To hold a Batterman pot is to hold the ESSENCE of pottery!
gz said…
Twisty handles are fun! Also show a glaze nicely !!
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