Got one!

It has been over 30 years since I spent the summer in Ross on Wye, Upton Bishop, Herefordshire at Wobage Farm in Wales the home and workshop of Mick and Sheila Casson. This was no doubt the most important early period of study for me. I was elated this morning to receive an invitation to be a presenter at the Ceramics Festival at Aberystwyth in Wales on July of 2015.
I have always wanted to attend this festival and the honour of being a presenter is beyond amazing for me. This is the premier potters festival in the UK. This is one of those apples at the top of the tree I have been on about. I won't eat the entire apple. I'll carve it up and make a pie for all of you.
I will share the festival with all potters past and present whose broad shoulders I have stood on to reach that apple. I will depend on the future potters( my students) to steady me and hold me up.
Now I have to learn another language. The Welsh are pretty dang adamant that they are not British and they have their own language. Try as I might I could never get the hang of the ll. Ya gotta do something weird with your tongue and it comes out more like a "th". I'm more comfortable saying y'all (yawl) and even then the southerners know I'm an imposter.


Dennis Allen said…
Enjoy your apples.Forget trying to learn more than how to order a drink. Other than that find a translator.I'd hold out fro a driver too. Seen those road signs?
Unknown said…
Congrats Tony! You're very deserving of the honor!
Bore da! Looks like you might get that Welsh whiskey after all.

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