Bring it on!

Left Naples yesterday at 4am and here I am in Ontario the next day and we just finished loading a sweet load of pots for an anagama firing that will last until Saturday night. There was a day when a younger me would fire the wood kiln for 32- 38 hours solo.  Bring it on! Sock it to me! Let’s sweat bullets!  Let’s rumble! Yes sir!   Not interested in giving 75%.  I want 100% or a little more..  I taught myself to lean against a tree and sleep soundly for 3- minutes between loading the firebox. Pots and wood firing is not a social for me. It’s business! It’s not who brought the samosas? Oh, I brought the potato salad! Oh, isn’t this the most wonderful baklava!  I have a dinner to go to and oh I have to have 12 hours sleep. This is a commitment you make to your pots and in the case of a 4 day firing it is covering the backs of your teammates.  A wood firing is a rumble. It is not a social! It is hard sweaty work that makes you hurt where you used to play.
Danny Boy I’m still talkin’ to ya.  Yes we came from the same side of the tracks. When a friend is in a rumble  you be there! Hear what I say??????


GRASS said…
Masochism or Sadism have never been part of my working ethic, I'm afraid! Too late to make the grade now, methinks!
Cambria Pottery said…
Is there room to include other wood firing wannabees somewhere down the line. Where does this anagama exist in Ontario? I am ready to help stoke the fire anytime within a few hundred kilometers of Gore, Quebec.

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