I hope all this stuff is poisonous cause I just ate a couple of those tiny bananas and the yummy star shaped thing that I don't have a clue what it is. Fact is I don't know what any of this is except the tiny bananas. I hope I wake up in the morning!  I refused to pay airport and airline prices so I was famished when I arrived.
I'm doing a week long throwing workshop here in Naples, Florida and trusty ole Air Canada was two hours late departing. I finally opened the door of my digs at 3am.  I'd fly any other airline than Air Canada. I had to pay for my luggage, they wanted $3 for a wee bag of nuts. What ever happened to free nuts??? The service wasn't all that friendly. Perhaps they were as tired as me and pissed at leaving late.  I thought Canadians were supposed to be polite and nice. It is rumoured that we say sorry to a tree if we bump into it.
Thankfully I had a awesome cabbie from Iran that helped me get thru all the codes to enter my gated community. Annabelle has really made this potter feel pretty special. Haynes Bayless arrives today to share the condo. We are doing a tag team workshop. I love his hand built work. Once again teach to learn. Lucky me! There are a couple of available spots if you're near the hood.


Linda Starr said…
watch out for the gators
Barbara Rogers said…
How sweet, no dust, no clay, no grit, no glaze, but nice space to unwind in...guess you'll be in a studio space for the workshop! Enjoy the heat and humidity, though this time of year it's probably pretty nice.
GRASS said…
Lucky you! Some time back I did a stint in Miami and was billeted on a tropical fruit farm. Talk about BLISS! A different fruit for breakfast each day for a week, perfectly ripe and straight off the plant. My all time favorite was MONSTERA DELICIOSA. It tastes like a blend between perfectly ripened banana and pineapple. Should be in the stores about now, if you can find it! It looks like an oversized green phallic object, but don't looks put you off! In Canada it is a non-fruiting, indoor tropical foliage plant.

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