Doin' the crime


If you are going to do the crime you have to put in the time. I have been sentenced to life in prison around a hot firebox. I have spent a lot of time of late questioning whether I should put myself up for parole. I have made a reputation as a hard core criminal and I have to see the last year out working on the chain saw gang since I have the privilege of being King Rat for a bunch of hard core criminals. When I think long about this life sentence of hard labour I think of how it has been so good for an uncontrollable man like me. Look what doing the crime has brought to me. In this next year I am a mentor for 10 great potters. I am a presenter at the Icheon Potters Festival in Korea, the presenter at the International Ceramics Festival in Abersystwyth , Wales, and in April of 2016 a presenter at the North Carolina Potters Conference. Throw in to that mix workshops in BC and Italy plus others in Canada and the US. Wood ( spelled that way on purpose) this have all happened for me if I did the soft crimes would I get these opportunities? Some with a God given natural talent can make such beautiful work from non solid fuel kilns. My work suits wood. It is a life sentence. I am now training a great bunch that will stoke when I can’t.
Here are some of my cell mates. Do they look like they are working hard? Hey I’ve seen Anne Marie the one in the homeless outfit cleaned up and she cleans up very nicely. Back on shift tonight 8pm to 4am. The coyotes were howling last night. Wood I? You bet I wood!


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