I'm moving!

I love it here! This is paradise! I can take a pass on the Lexus but a Wave Runner is a must have. I sold my Harley when I moved from the north country to the big city. I miss the bike but really at my age I worry about other drivers and their respect for bikers. The day on the Wave Runner was like me having my bike again with the air, the sun and the speed. Here is a pic of me at 70k having the time of my life. This is sooooooooooooo much fun!
The day after I get home I have to load an anagama so I went searching for some sea shells to put under the wadding for my group. Do you think I'll find any here?
At Stan's Bar I got to sit in Wilson the dogs chair. Wilson was off to another bar and his owner told me I could have the chair of honour. It is quite a priviledge to sit in a dogs chair at a bar.
Here is a close up of a spoonbill we saw in the mangroves.


ShellHawk said…
That looks like a ton of fun! So envious! :D
sddonlon said…
Oh, man! You sold your Harley? I have a BMW 1200 R, and i'm going to get a smaller bike...700 or abouts. No more long rides, just local stuff. Got any pics on your Harley? Would love to see 'em!

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