Stepping down

Stepping Down
It is better to been seen as the end of an era rather than the end of an error.  After 15 years of teaching at my beloved Sheridan College I am stepping down so that someone else can step it up.  I have felt so privileged to teach there and I owe the staff and students soooooooooo much. I honestly believe it was the real kick start to what has become a rich life full of friends in clay many of whom are my former students.
The winds of change have blown me far from the school and as I have said before if you pick something up you have to put something down. The year 2015 sees me in West Virginia, Georgia, Florida, New York, Korea, Wales, Ottawa, British Colombia, Alberta, and Italy. I also have a show in Ottawa, one very prestigious show in Rochester with some of my favourite potters, a show with my wood fire mentorship group at The Store in Hamilton, and a wood fire show at The General in Almonte .In between all of this I feel a big debt to my Hamilton Potters Guild mentor ship crew and will be firing kilns with them sometimes the day after I get off a plane and flying out again the day after the unload.  Oh yeah did I say I need pots for all of this so my arse will be strapped to the wheel.
Andrew Kellner is coming home this summer from doing his Masters at West Virginia and plans are in full swing for him to work here at The Cactus Lounge with me. He has an amazing work ethic and I think our combined energy with make me feel 35 again.
Thank you Bruce Cochrane for offering me this fantastic job some 15 years ago in a bar at NCECA in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fancy us both meeting in a bar.
Here are some shots from last night of the Graduating Show at The Gardiner Museum in Toronto last night.  What a great show of pots and conceptual work. One of the best shows yet and there have been some killer ones.  Jordan Scott stole the night with The Gardiner Award of cash and a show next year. Yeah for pots!!!!!! Korean influenced puncheong jars!  Yep, and there is our Cassara( sorry about the pic).  Jordan is coming to Korea with me

and two of my other Sheridan students. Geezus, have I made the right decision???


Unknown said… have done good work there Tony, but you're being called away to do other things. Good on ya!
Unknown said… have done good work there Tony, but you're being called away to do other things. Good on ya!
Dennis Allen said…
What are the details on West Virginia? It's not all that far from here.
Vicki Hamilton said…
When it's time, T, it's time. You have contributed as much to Sheridan as it has to you. Time to spread your wings and fly! It's about time! You've got another birthday coming up!
Carolyn F said…
As one of your former Sheridan students (2001 - 2004) I thank you! You gave us the benefit of your knowledge and a ton of inspiration. I wish you well in all that you choose to do.
GRASS said…
I'm glad to hear of your decision, Dr T. MLSD VP You're beginning to lead the life I did before I collapsed. Take it easy my friend. Having been there - done that, I know it can be very attractive, but it can also be a killer. Be very selective on how far you push yourself. I WORRY ABOUT YOU.
Cyndi said…
Hey, Tony; I am sure that you will be missed at Sheridan. I echo Grass's comments. Take care of yourself.

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