Off Centre

The course I am teaching here at La Meridiana for 3 months is called On Centre. It's about getting centered at the craft of the potter. We will have a show of the student work at the end in a lovely wine cellar in Certaldo, Alto.
The students expected to make hundreds of cylinders and bowls that looked alike and then they got me. My partner Franco Rampi is calm and relaxing for them to watch throw. They say me with my Potter's Nod( head following the clay slowly around the wheel head) makes them nervous. They feel the clay is almost always ready to collapse but yet it never does. For me centre is just close enough.
So a few of us walked down the road to Ristorante Wilma yesterday for lunch and they decided the name of their show should be " Off Centre- Harmony in Chaos". I'm rather pleased with that.
Drawing class with Susanna Rigon has been amazing. I am really struggling with the formal aspects of drawing. She sees pots in ways I can't -yet. Most of the students have been brilliant and make me look like a beginner on the wheel. 


Unknown said…

A voice from the distant past; John Johnson of Mud Bucket Pottery in Myrtle Beach SC. I've closed my personal studio and now teach 3 days a week at a studio we designed and built at the Myrtle Beach Art Museum. we're firing ^6 oxidation electric.

Since I recently moved, I was going through my DVD's and found 'put a handle on it', Then i realized I lost 'Taking the macho out of big ware'. So I'm ordering another copy tonight. Have fun in Italy, wish I was there with you. email me at whenever you have time. Would be great to see you guys again. Best wishes and a bottle of single malt scotch when we finally get together again!
Anonymous said…
Quite the wasp waist on that sectional! Zing!
Anonymous said…
Love the shapes of the vessels, the problem with your drawings is the way you are drawing an ellipse.
Anonymous said…
Off Center, rumor has it that she's back in Italy.

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