The Lord's House

It's the weekend and on my morning walk I go past The Lord's House. It is a lovely red house with a great view that is apparently owned by an English Lord. This morning as I walked by the house I fantasized the Lady of the house coming out to invite me in for tea and biscuits. The Lord was away being Lordly and she was lonely for some good company. She was so captivated by my charm she rang up The Lord and told him she had fallen in love with a stranger and that it was all over. She would be keeping the house in Tuscany and he was to forward half of his fortune to her here in Certaldo.
Well the fantasy soon became real life and I figured I better scoot on back to La Meridiana where my real mistress awaits me. I have the weekend off but it is rare that I don't make something so I had a slab draped over a mould waiting for me to get back to build a boat.
I have made peace with The Lord and am grateful for this wonderful life I lead. The walk was beautiful, the sun, the blue skies, the tractors getting the vineyards groomed for the coming spring. I am such a lucky man. I am lucky I enjoy my own company and I am lucky that I know how lucky I am. Have a great day, everyone!
Today I will make some art, read a book, have a beer on the patio, have a cesta, have tea with Julianna the co- owner of La Meridiana and just enjoy life. I give thanks to The Lord that he was in fact home with the lady and let me free to be me.
The Lord's House

This will house my new train kiln at The Lady's House ( The Lord is out)

The vines that provide the red water.


Anonymous said…
Better plan a dream vacation to Asia, third wives are always Asian.
Tony Clennell said…
Na, I ain't in the market.My daughter Robin wrote me and told me if I married a clay slab she would make the party arrangements.
Anonymous said…
Better grab some "Last of the Summer Wine", before you settle for that clay slab.
Anonymous said…
You have a real shot at the Lady of the manor, those aristocrats are notorious bed hoppers.

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