Train Service Restored in Italy

In spite of a group of protesters The Orient Express is leaving the station today at La Meridiana. The train kiln evolution continues to Tuscany.
Train kiln protesters below a Pot Tree
This one has a few developments that Peitro has incorporated that could be interesting. It is a small firebox (4 bricks wide)  with double doors. My bourry box is 4 feet long and I use only one door. Alternate stoking can be done.  He also included a mouse hole that goes the length of the chamber to the back stoke hole. The roof is removable with bricks suspended on a steel rod. Each course can be lifted off to get into the kiln. You might only need to remove the two middle ones to have easy access to loading and unloading the chamber. The bricks rest on a thin fiber blanket gasket.
David Treub from Switzerland has filled the kiln with pots and is the train engineer on this inaugural train ride.
The Orient Express

It's firing as I type this!

Trains are the most efficient form of transportation. When I was doing my MFA at Utah State I remember seeing a single diesel train on the prairies of Wyoming pulling over a hundred cars of product. This is so much more environmental friendly than the thousands of trucks I also passed. The train kiln is a beautiful kiln design for those of us that like some nasty ones from the front, some quieter ones in the middle and the side stoke back can give a little bit of both- nasty and tame.


Anonymous said…
Every potter should ride the train.

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