Surprise yourself!

As I enter the 6th week (half way) here in Tuscany plans for home need to be attended to. I'm very excited to have asked David "Big Pot" Stuempfle to do a 5 day workshop at Pinecroft entitled "Capacity"!
 David is a superb maker of big ware which includes planters, bottles, lidded jars, pitchers, and some very nice hand built and paddled irregular shaped art pieces. He'll love me calling him an artist as he tagged me with that.  It is no surprise he also makes lovely domestic ware- bowls and cups.
Technique not muscle is what this all about.
Dan Finnegan and I spent what amounted to a full day with David at Starworks and I made the biggest pot of my entire life and it wasn't hard to do. David will have you surprise yourself.
I'm looking forward to David and Nancy visiting Pinecroft. I plan to take them to Ash and Barrel, The Gardiner, The ROM ,Shane Norrie Contemporary and a few of my other favourite haunts.
David hales from NC but will be doing this 5 day workshop in The Promised Land- Aylmer, Ontario, CehNehDeh!


Nancy G said…
We're really looking forward to it Tony. We may not leave......
Anonymous said…
There you go with your fixation on big jugs again, Tony!
Anonymous said…
I prefer those big handles!
Anonymous said…
And I love pulling big handles!
It’s 5am, couldn’t sleep, so I signed up for this. Have been meaning to do it for weeks, so thanks for posting it on FB. Really excited about it!

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