Energy is one of my favourite words. I like people with energy. I like towns with energy! I like a town with bookstores, cafes, bars, music and good sports stores. Over a decade ago I taught a course in Tuscany, Italy with a group of students that their combined energy added up to dynamite. They still all meet and travel together although they live in places all over North America. One of those students invited me to do a workshop in Michigan. On our day off we went for a drive to a nice little tourist town in Grand Haven, Michigan. I saw energy with coffee shops, nice restaurants, clothing stores and a lovely beach. I told Cyndi she should open a gallery there and she did! Be careful what you say to a woman with energy. Cyndi has been brilliant as a gallery owner. It is my pleasure to be joining Cyndi on Wednesday March 17th at 12:15 to talk pots and philosophy of making and living in the world of clay. Here is the link It's free and I'm totally excited to be grilled by a friend and person of high energy. I made some pots this week that have the most energy I've been able to muster for a couple of months. The sun is shining and good weather is on it's way. I did a bike ride today 26K with a former Ontario Provincial Woman's Champion. If you want to play better pool play with someone better than you. Energy is contagious!!! I'm sending out all the positive energy I can muster to y'all my brothers and sisters of clay. Give it all ya got!


gz said…
Looking forward to watching that!
Well done on the cycling, in good company too.
Bonnie said…
I can feel the GOOD Energy...let the sun shine. I'll try to catch you getting well
Anonymous said…
Lovely to have a partner that you can share life’s adventures with.
Anonymous said…
Do you find it easy to promote yourself?

I have no trouble doing this at all .... 12%

This is uncomfortable/difficult for me, but I fully promote myself ... 14%

This is uncomfortable/difficult for me, and I am inconsistent with self-promotion
as a result ... 48%

This is so uncomfortable/difficult for me that I barely do this at all ... 24%

I leave promotion up to somebody else entirely ... 2%

Interesting statistics, no wonder artists and craft-persons are having such a tough time in the age of the pandemic.
Anonymous said…
For a you wood firers out there, why not cook that way too!


Diy wood stove anyone can build. Diy doesn't always mean 100%. do it yourself sometimes you can even ask for help. Lay the bricks to achieve the shape you deem best.

Anonymous said…
What scares you more surviving a Zombie apocalypse or surviving the Trumpocalypse?
Anonymous said…
Do you have a studio pet?

Yes, more than one in fact ... 31%

Yes, one ... 26%

No, unless you count my spouse ... 43%
Anonymous said…
I might have a studio pest, does that count?

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