No where to go but inwards.

Today is March 1! One year today I had started my dream intensive one month course at Starworks in Star, NC. I had a great facility, a cherry picked 9 awesome students, a line up great workshop presenters, and the best clay on the planet. The students would visit dozens of potteries, attend the NC Potters Conference and spend 24/7 up to their ying yangs in clay. COVID hit and sent us all home one week early on March 23rd. I'll never ever forget that date nor will I ever forget that year 2020. I haven't been to a restaurant, a social gathering, a show, a gallery opening since Gawd knows when. When your well dries up and you got no where to go but in it helps to have a house full of inspiration. I woke early this morning and stared at my bookcase. Should I look at pots in books. After I had been fully caffinated I looked around the house at the hundreds of other peoples pots that I own. I was still undecided how I would spend my day so off on my bike to think things over. On my way to the washing machine to clean my sweaty gear I saw a couple of my flower pots often referred to as bacon dishes. Has it ever been your experience that some of the work you like the most never sells? It just hangs around and you dust it off and over the years you learn something from it. When it came out of the kiln it wasn't a "WOW" pot. It was and is a "so what". It's a pot, so what! Kinda like the mousy little girl in your high school class that nobody dated or paid any attention to and now she is this amazing woman and you wonder how could I have been so blind? wood worker Stephen Hogbin "Look longest and hardest at what you think you don't like. It is from that work you will learn the most!" Drink long and hard from the well my brothers and sisters. This may well be a long drought. /


claylady said…
Tony, our time with you and all the others at Starworks was the high point of last year, even if we had to cut it short. It was truely special and will always be grateful that I got to be a part of it all.

Thanks again,
Linda Sickmon
claylady said…
Just reread this post and trying to remember who said:" We have everything we need already inside us for success" It's all there waiting to be looked at, turned around, upside down, deconstructed, some or all of the above. Trust your instincts.
Anonymous said…
" You always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself "

-Glinda the good witch.
Anonymous said…
Use it or lose it!


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