Come on funny feeling.

In Bob's last firing I had a gaggle of porcelain vases that showed so much promise. More than half had cracked and will make nice garden art until they disintegrate. But promise offers more than memory and repetition. The ones that survived mostly were unglazed which offered up a few conclusions- coefficent of expansion with my glazes, too thin porcelain, or glazed inside and out on the same day. So round two has me introducing stains into the casting slip and leaving them unglazed and I also increased the time in the mould from 20 minutes to 35 minutes. Today's vases will be pink and honouring men. I put red stain in the slip. Monday's will be for the ladies with the introduction of cobalt carbonate. Hopefully a beautiful blue. I have gallons of my Uncle Jimmie's yellow stain so I will do some for him, forstythias, black eyed susans and dandelions. Today was the anniversary of the passing of my ole buddy Robin "Grass" Hopper so he gave me a bag of cobalt tailings from the mine in Cobalt, Ontario. I have waited for an opportunity to use them so I will make an offering to his life. I trimmed a whack of dinner plates today so I had a splash pan full of trimmings. I decided it was easier to use them for decorative additions than reclaim them. When you're listening to good music, dancing in the studio and making crazy shit it leaves you
with this really good funny feeling. Come on funny feeling! PS: If you are wondering if they pour- they don't and I'm in love with that!


Anonymous said…
Something's sprouting...

Honey Lee
Anonymous said…
Love the sense of play that is evolving in your work.

If you miss travel, art, and good food check this out.

Roma R.
Anonymous said…
April is poetry month, so here's a poem as a warning...

If your nose is down to the grindstone rough,
And you hold it down there long enough,
Soon you'll say there's no such thing,
As brooks that babble and birds that sing.
Three things will all the world compose:
Just you, the grindstone, and your darned old nose.
Anonymous said…
These are great looking bongs!

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