Expectation is the root of all heartache.- Billy Shakespeare Firing a solid fuel kiln is not for people that expect a certain dialed in result. Sometimes my kiln delivers beyond my expectations and I am super thrilled at what The Universe blessed me with. Sometimes the sun comes up and the kiln kicks me in the ass. It's not that they are bad pots but just not what my expectations had been. Mr. K just fired my gas kiln and he is in pursuit of the Korean cherry blossoms on his white slip ash glazed pots. He unloaded to disappointed expectations. The pots look awesome but not what he was hunting for. If you lower your expectations you are less likely to be disappointed. I have wanted to repeat a surface then I tire of it when I finally get it. Then I want something different. This week I've been wondering if a life time of disappointments from the kiln has prepared me to not expect much. Everything I get over and above is a bonus. I put a series of columns in Emmma's kiln "Bob"and probably lost 50% of the pots. Not Bob's fault it is mine. Too thin, porcelain glazed inside and out immediately, coefficent of expansion, porcelain attached to sculpture clay, WhoTF knows? Does this let down in expectations dissauade me from nailing this? NO!!!!! My heart has been broken before and will be again. There was enough love there to keep me in the hunt. The 50% I did get melted my heart. A life time in clay has taught me that anything over 50% is a heart of gold. Tell the devil I'm getting there as fast as I can with my ragged ole heart.


Debbie said…
Love the last line of this. My ragged old heart knows that feeling.
Anonymous said…
So in pottery and love, there is no sure thing, there's joy and heartache?
Tony Clennell said…
Anonymous- A good conclusion. And that's why it's worth chasing. T
Anonymous said…
I read an interesting comment recent, it was about when people say "They love life".
The person commented that it meant they love the good as well as the bad, the good for the enjoyment of life, and the bad as a teacher to help us learn from it.

B.B. Lee
Anonymous said…
It's cherry blossom time!
Enjoy the blossoms.
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