Up on low down

I'm going to start with a close up of one of Mr.K's planters reduction cooled in Bob- Emma Smith's kiln.
Reduction cooling is a more somber colour palette. A palette probably preferred by those that love rocks, mosses and deadfall in the forest. This is the palette I mostly prefer but have taken to brighter more dramatic colours in the clothes I wear. Not trying to blend in with the forest. The kiln at Pinecroft I fire high and cool in an oxidation atmosphere for bright yellows, oranges, reds and greens.
I don't have bright blues, copper reds, and vivid colours in The Cactus Lounge. I prefer the quiet somber colours. My pursuit and understanding of the cooling process all started back in the 90's with an article by John Neely entitled "Nice Cooling". That article lead me to Utah State to talk with John about train kilns and eventually to study under him as a MFA student in 2006. What people need to understand is that as much colour development happens on the way down as the way up. My hunch is most people like oxidation cool with it's wow, oh my gawd bright colours. Reduction cool is an acquired taste like a good Scotch whiskey. I'm still in the tasting mode trying to be up on low down.


gz said…
Good analogies.
Beautiful subtle colours
Anonymous said…
April is poetry month...

The Possibilities Endless
clay molded
thrown onto a potter’s wheel
shaped by loving hands
caressed and built
from nothing but desire

centered and spun
on a revolving plate
the piece pulled up
instilled with intention
as it comes to life

from cold lumps of clay
the magic happens
gently shaping the hollow
with solemn respect for its fragility
the possibilities endless

artist and creator
giving birth
and through
a baptism of fire
giving purpose

bagged poet.
Anonymous said…
How come there ain't no spouty things on your vazes they would make awesome bongs.


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