What's love got to do with it?

I once read that the Inuit have over 50 words to describe snow. For me snow is mostly a four letter word and I know a few variations- consolidated, fluffy, wet, slushy and of course most importantly yellow. Don't eat yellow snow. I took that analogy and used it for love. I maintained there were over 50 kinds of love. Taste: I love a scruptous meal, a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich, an olive bar, a wine bar, a BLT, a peameal bacon with dill pickles on a kaiser roll, a lobster, a crab, a mountain trout. Lots of tastes I love. Smell: I love the smell of a sublte perfume on a beautiful woman, the smell of lilacs, lavendar on my pillow, the smell of my crock pot beef stew after a long day in the studio,wood smoke,and of course there is nothing like the smell of bacon. Sight: I love looking at big trucks, motorcycles, bikes, sunsets (not sunrises so much as I am a 7:30 man) , waterfalls, trees, rocks, ocean and prairie panoramas. Hearing: I love music and find it most inspiring. One of life's regrets is that I can't play an instrument. I love the sound of birds, the sound of a childs giggle, the hearty laugh of a friend, the potato, potato of a Harley, a rushing stream, the scream of an eagle and the boom boom of my rock and roll. Feeling: I love the feeling of a good ride, a good days work, a nicely prepared meal, a job well done, and helping a friend. The surprise b-day party my pals gave me for my 70th made me cry. The crying was such a good feeling. So what has
love got to do with this post? Heather Smit and I were residents at Starworks together last winter and the other resident was Catherine White https://www.catherinewhite.com. Catherine is an amazing artist that uses local materials in the most amazingly creative ways. She lays down raw dry clays and ash then writes a narrative in the dry material and then presses her slab into it. I used some black sand from Northern Ontario and wrote "what's love got to do with it?" after listening to CBC about a new movie on Tina Turner. So to make a long story short- Covid has taught me there are waaaaaaaaaay more than 50 kinds of love. I would bore you to tears with my long list of I loves. So Tina you amazingly sexy and strong lady here's the answer to "what's love got to do with it?"- EVERYTHING!" turner .


Anonymous said…
You'll have to practice mirror writing, writing in reverse so it can be read on the slab.

Bossy B.
Anonymous said…
Last day of April, also the last day of poetry month.

At the wheel center, I lay
like a lousy lump of craving clay
Yearning for that first stroke of play...
as your fingers explore its mystic way

The squeezes, the pinches and the shaping
The pulls, the stretches and the scraping
The caress, the glazing and the glancing...
you leave my axis - spinning and dancing

I melt, I flow wild amidst your imagery
Every touch is my trial, my trajectory
Your hands have mastered the art of cajolery
You sculpt and I sizzle in your brawn gallery

You purify, you cleanse, you set me on fire,
driving demons out of hot kiln, that conspire
By slumping, cracking and breaking, I respire
Through every pore of my skin, I perspire

The winds quench deeper layers that are thirsty
My vessel of wanting is at last...empty
The walls still echo our ecstasy
as you mold me to your design, to your fantasy

You spun me, you molded me back, as a whole
You gave me elegance, you gave me my life's goal
I emerged a winner after all the fiery toll
I'm admired now and many a heart, I stole

Blemishes are gone without a trace
fears blown away as clay dust to outer space
I’m smiling, I’m shining with queen’s grace
I’m reformed, I'm a beautiful vase!

I am reborn into a life that's brand new
No flaws, no scars that I once knew
Our union is a dream, dared by a few
I’d be nothing, if I'm not with you

Tony Clennell said…
AquaHeart- very nice!
Anonymous said…
Sanskrit has 96 words for love; ancient Persian has 80, Greek three, and English only one.

Anonymous said…
Painted imprints of native plants in hand-built ceramics.

Painted Imprints of Delicate Botanical Assemblages Embellish Ceramic Dinnerware.


Anonymous said…
350 Layers of Coiled Clay Form an Organic Low-Carbon Home Made Through 3D-Printing

the prototype is a pair of sloping domes that can be built in only 200 hours using an average of six kilowatt-hours of energy. It’s made of 350 layers of coiled clay, which is sourced from a nearby river, that serves as thermal insulation for the earthen structure complete with a living area, kitchen, and sleeping quarters.


Anonymous said…
100-Day Project



Anonymous said…
3D printed clay


Anonymous said…
Is that 3-d printed clay house eco-friendly because it dissolves in the rain and you are left with a pile of mud? They don't mention whether it is made permanent or not, by some kind of firing?

Just curious?
Anonymous said…
why aren't you promoting your website?

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