Conspiracy Theory

7 decades, 2 centuries, 2 millieum and 3 score and ten. Yes, I did survive the 60's of which I don't remember much and I just survived my sixties with a heart full of gold. The conspirators were part of my Hamilton Potters Wood fire mentorship of 8 years ago and a long time friend of two decades. The conspiracy theorists were Emma Smith, Jen Drysdale, Teresa Dunlop, Chris de Takesy, Anne Marie Row and decoy Louise McCann. We have remained a team and a family full of love for each other in our clay family. The well executed plan was to have Louise take me on a bike ride. Louise is a strong biker and I wondered why the hell we were stopping to look at flowers in graveyards and stopping to chat with people?? The conspirators were busy raiding my house and turned it into an inflatiable crazy world with balloon people in my bed, my shower, at my wheel, in my pottery shed and sitting at my table. The 5 inflatables represented my crew The Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers and Louise was the decoy live in person. There were presents and a prepared meal of beef bourquignon, mashed potatoes, brocoli, a gorgeous bottle of wine and a carmel cake. Then at 6pm I was to open my Gmail account to participate in a Zoom birthday party where they had invited friends from all over North America. My kids and grandchildren were also on board of this conspiracy. They created an 18 minute video of pictures of my youth and small vinyettes and thoughts of love, appreciation and well wishes from the many people I have rubbed shoulders with, clinked glasses with and shared a love of clay. So happy to get these beautiful thoughts while I'm still on the planet. I wish we could have had a party. These are strange times and all I can say is my crew are among the most creative gang at all most everything including the showing of love. I cried and when I watched the video again today I cried again. Apparently that was their intention- the dirty bastards!!! I will get even. You know I love you even though you set out to make me cry and succeeded. Hugs, Txox
Whose been sleeping in my bed?
Randy is her name and she is in my shower!
The decoy
A gift of a painting by Richard Row. Apparently I am very good at sitting there grunting and giving stoking instructions. This is a tribute to my skill.


Kaycee said…
congratulations on another trip around the sun!
Anonymous said…
Looks like a happy birthday with a special person.
Helga said…
Happy birthday Tony. We are nothing without family and friends. Crying for joy is good for the soil. Hugs youngster.
Barbara R. said…
So glad you had a good time, you deserved a celebration!
What a memorable birthday! All the best to you in the coming year.
Anonymous said…
When friends remember and put that much effort into making sure you have a wonderful day, you know you have surrounded yourself with the right chosen and logical family.

I love those balloon people, how do they stand up? More details, I'm fascinated by them.

You must have felt like a kid again.

Anonymous said…
70 eh?
My bithday gift of a box of Depends is on the way.

Anonymous said…
Did you name all the new balloon people in your life?
Remember Wilson from Castaway?

Anonymous said…
That's a lot of birthday bumps and a pinch to grow an inch.
Anonymous said…
The Lord give you joy
as he shows you his Fatherly mercies
new every morning.

The Lord give you wisdom in happiness,
comfort in suffering,
rest in death,
and one day,
the peace of eternal life.
Anonymous said…
"Happy Birthday to You" Prayer
Another year of life upon this earth:

I hope that you have used it full and well.
And yet another starting now, today:
Perhaps you should rededicate your life,
And give it to the Lord, who gave you yours.
For all that went before has passed behind;
Your future lies before you like a road.
And so I pray the Lord will be with you,
And dwell with you, and keep you as His own,
And walk with you, beside you, down the road.
And now I pray that He will make today
The finest birthday that you ever had.

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