Men's Underwear Theory

This post is for good hard ass rockin potters - Emma Smith and Allison Coles Severance. Allison wrote to say she missed my blog posts and Emma provided the inspiration. Allison thanks I'm struggling with my clay and writing mojo. A couple of weeks ago Emma and her squeeze Jesse Black came over for a socially distanced lunch at their outdoor wedding table that Jesse built. I told Emma " You are one of the best at selling my work because you like it!" She answered " I don't sell anything in my shop I don't like!!!!!!!!" Boom!!!!!!!! this is a statement about who you are, what your home looks like, the people in your bubble and more. Some retailers use fine craft as a back drop for gifts made in sweat shops and cranked out manufactured cheap items that allow 3-500 percent markups. So here is the Men's Underwear Theory.
Some people would sell men's underwear if they thought they could make money on it. They don't love men's underwear but it sells and brings in good return on investment. A french fry truck would probably have been a better career choice for me than pots. I love french fries but not enough to make a career out of them. If I did own a french fry truck I'd make the best hand cut fries I could. I switched greasy spoon Sunday breakfast restaurants because they went from real home fries to frozen. I also would never have a plastic flower in my house. Can't imagine it! It takes a bit of effort to go out and get fresh flowers. Again it is a statement of who you are. I do believe in surrounding myself with objects made with love. I believe that the love of the makers enters my home and soul thru osmosis. Here are some pictures from inside my man cave. Can you picture plastic flowers,plaques,tchotchke and bric a brac?
A nice selection of fine craft
Ronnie the Rats. Rat and woodpecker
Robin "Grass" Hopper tile along with Chinese hand carved windows and brushes.


JLK Jewelry said…
I have a friend that sells quality men's underwear. Stylish, expensive and great models. She sells it because she believes in it, and hopefully it makes her money. She also paints. Everyone (nearly) wears underwear, and so it becomes a matter of choice on quality. My home is full of art, but only art that I love, often I know the artists but sometimes I don't- but like, admire, want to know. You are represented in my home. I think most people that love and appreciate art feel similarly-they probably do not put their underwear on display, but they display work that they love and cherish. The artful home, I believe people strive for that, even when they do not really understand or appreciate handmade. People generally want beautiful around them, I believe, not everyone has taste or the same taste. Hopefully their education continues so that they can appreciate and honor the time, effort, love and thought that goes into every piece of art created, for the public or for just one person, there is heart and soul poured into each and every one of those pieces they make.
Anonymous said…
You really need to up-date your underwear wardrobe, it's so passe.

How would you react if major retailers laughed in your face at the idea of stocking your product?

Quietly walk away and concede defeat? Or believe in yourself and prove them wrong big time?

Here’s the story of one beach bum’s inspirational journey from retail rejection to global triumph.

Anonymous said…

Tony Clennell said…
JlK Jewelry- Jennie perhaps it my poor writing so I will try to clarify. Men's Underwear is not the point. I'm sure as a maker of handmade jewelry you have witnessed people importing cheap costume jewelry and using your handmade work to give the impression it is all of the same quality. My point perhaps poorly made is that fine craft should not be used to give creditability to pumped out cheap work. Selling that work next to yours is in my opinion dishonest retailing. TC
Anonymous said…
I agree with the jewelry maker. More people need to learn the value of handmade fine craft and art. There will always be Walmart art in homes but people need to be taught the value of art.

Anonymous said…
I know people who like and prefer the perceived perfection of the machine made mass produced store bought, they see artisan handmade things as imperfect and inferior. They prefer a store bought gift over a handmade gift, and I found out later they just throw out the things that I've made and given them over the years. It's not good enough to be displayed in their home, because it doesn't have a fancy designer name and label attached. There is no educating people like that, and in case you are wondering, i stopped giving them things I made. Because there are other people out there who appreciate it and are happy to buy it from me.

JLK Jewelry said…
HS-good point! Luckily there are people that appreciate what goes into our work! And I would agree that selling imported crap along with handmade is not the way to go. So far I am lucky not to be represented next to imported work (that I know of). I would not chose to go into a gallery that did that, but it happens. Thank goodness there is a huge base of people that do appreciate handmade and I would hope we can perhaps teach others this appreciation. JLK
Anonymous said…
Which kind of gift would you prefer, a friend who hand knits you a sweater or scarf, or a friend who buys you one from a retail store or on-line most likely these days? Would you automatically think your friend was just being cheap, or lovingly generous to spend evenings and spare time knitting up a special gift for you? It is interesting how in some people's mind the handmade is so denigrated. Is that why potters often find their work on the shelves of Value Village and the Goodwill, gifts that were never appreciated or wanted?

BB Lee
Anonymous said…
tchotchkes, bric-à-brac, knickknacks, ever wander around some people's homes looking at what's on the walls and what's on the shelves, and feeling like you are at the local dollar store, Walmart, HomeSense or Ikea? All this worthless stuff, that lacks any personal meaning, all this stuff placed there like a staged home, as interesting as a beige condominium. I'd rather be invited to the Mad Hatter's tea party! Like the recent TC birthday party!

Curious Cat.
Anonymous said…
The most visible creators are those artists whose medium is life itself. The ones who express the inexpressible - without brush, hammer, clay or guitar. They neither paint nor sculpt. Their medium is simply being. Whatever their presence touches has increased life. They see, but don't have to draw... Because they are the artists of being alive...
DJ Stone
Anonymous said…
Underwear for Every Occasion - Dirt Squirrel

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Anonymous said…
Disney Workers Fought For The Right To Have Their Own Underpants.

yikes! Communal underwear? yuck!
Anonymous said…
Bacon-Wrapped Squirrel
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Anonymous said…
Going Industrial: A Potter Shares his Experience with Mass Ceramic Production

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Ever thought about doing this with your vases?
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Anonymous said…
RuPaul's Squirrel Friends

PG (Pussy Galore)
Anonymous said…
Have the police stopped you when you were out for a bicycle ride and asked you for your ID and where you're going yet?

Anonymous said…
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