Banned in Florida

Live so that if your life was turned into a book it would be banned in Florida- Rob Brezney. That is exactly how I have lived my life and will continue. Surrounded by interesting, eccentric, liberal minded, well read, empathetic people of the world. All kinds of people. I have lived my entire life surrounded by creative people that are too busy and working too hard to worry about the colour of another persons skin or their sexual orientation. What colour is another persons heart? I'd faint if I saw a real heart but I am guessing it's the same colour all over the world. Whatever keeps ya going- a song by Canadian Donavon Woods resenotes with me. But whatever keeps you going Keeps your wheels rolling Whatever helps you sleep at night Or gets you up in the morning It might be something you hate Or you love Or you can't let go of But whatever keeps you going Today I got a badge from my Strava Athletic App. A consistency badge- 600 kilometers of cycling so far in May. I've written about "showing up" before on my blog. Showing up is to be consistent. Do what ya say ya will do. Be there! I learned this lesson well being part of a wood firing team. When you say you will be there you must be. People are counting on you. If you don't show up someone will have to do another shift. They are tired and you are the turd in the punchbowl. Chances are you will never get invited again. I think I have some balance going right now. I spend a couple hours each day on me( my body, my fitness both mental and physical, some creative clay work, some of lifes maintenance and some mental work( reading a good book). Whatever keeps ya going, y'all. PS: I got a really nice note from my buddy Captain Brian Nettles in Mississippi. Brian and I would frequent The Cat Island Coffee Shop. Great coffee, awesome books and smart, interesting, eccentric, liberal minded, well read and creative people. He said the people there always ask about me and when I'm coming back. I show an interest in people and I gotta tell ya I love that they remember me. I do love the south!


Anonymous said…
But are they love handles?

Anonymous said…
Book bans are on the rise in Florida after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a law prohibiting what can be taught.

If they don't want you to read it, you know that you should be reading it.
If you can't find a copy at your local library or book store, buy it on line.
Then start your own banned book club.

Hey DeSantis don't tell me what I can read, and get off the Mouse's back.
Leave Mickey alone.

Anonymous said…
30 Banned Books You Should Probably Read Right Now

Celebrate the freedom to read by picking up one (or all) of these banned books

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