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I try as often as I can to say "thank you". Thank you for some of the smallest things. I often hear my daughter Robin say to a server, a cook, a mechanic, a teacher, a big wig or the lowest of the low "I appreciate you!" The best part of it is she means it!!! It changes people too. Love conquers all. I want to give a shout out to the 3 amigoes Heather Smit, Andrew Kellner and Jen Drysdale for all the work they put into the organizing and presentation of Ash and Barrel Invitational Show. The show was the brain fart of Heather and Andrew one night at a round table bourbon tasting at Jen's place where we all gathered to do a show 260 Fingers in Ottawa. The seed of the idea was to honour Bruce Cochrane and moi. Bruce has been a mentor of Heather's and Andrew I just can't get rid of. I taught Andrew in 2000 at Sheridan College School of Crafts and Design and we have been stead fast buds ever since. Jen has got roped into the process through her very strong friendship with Heather. Thank y'all for what you have done to elevate crafts in our province. I have long been an advocate of invitational shows versus I am a member, I make pots and so I should be in the show. Many decades ago when I started out I was a member of the OPA (Ontario Potters Association). They had a shop in an exclusive part of Toronto. I wanted to show in the gallery but I wasn't good enough. Tell me I'm not good enough and I will try to be. It took me about 10 years to get into that shop and I wore it like a badge of honour. This is the age of entitlement where everyone is a genius and everyone passes. Nope, not in my world. You want on the team you have your work cut out for you. Thank Heather, Andrew and Jen I appreciate you! You make me want to be better. I love y'all to bits. Thank you!
The Three Amigoes
A little vase of Heather Smit's that I use quite often at supper for a few garden flowers. I love this piece. Thank you, Heather.
Andrew Kellner aka Mr. K is one of my favourite jug makers. I am holding this jug for one of my favourite people Crazy Patti from Nantucket Island. Thank you Mr. K and Crazy Patti.
Jen Drysdale ewer. Jen is one of the kindest most considerate people in the world. This little piece has got the R. Crumb Keep on Truckin' thing goin' on in spades. Thank you, Jen. I can't wait till Ash and Barrel to drink a beer and swap some lies with the 3 Amigoes and a host of other amazing makers. Also be reminded the Hamilton Potters Show is on in town too! 100 makers strong!!. Also at the Carnegie Gallery two of my favourite clay artists Andrea Vuletin and Darlene Pratt. Thank you for including me with your love and the beauty of all the great makers. T


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Next to excellence is the appreciation of it.
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Thank you, always say thank you; it’s the greatest gift you can give someone.

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Darlene Pratt Studios
Organic and sensual ceramic sculptures inspired by fractals, succulents, insects, and sea creatures.
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