Love is hard!

I had decided I was going to fall in love with my gas kiln and lay low on the wood kiln. Wood firing is hard. Love is hard. I wanted to live life easier and learn to enjoy my gas kiln and stop this hard luvin'! Put a few pots in Stoner's train kiln last weekend and hot damn they melt my heart and get the ole goat all excited about tossing sticks again. I wanted to leave this demanding woman. I wanted someone easy and more laid back. Truth is she is the best. I've coached a bunch of younger pyromaniacs that I am sure will fire the kiln when I am too old to stoke. I will sit in a LazyBoy with a bourbon in hand, point and grunt. Here are some pots from Stoner's train kiln. Trains rule!!! You get the surface without the environmental impact of 4 or 5 days firing. Thanks Stoner for picking me up at the side of the road and thanks Mr.K for these photos. I will get to see the pots in the flesh at Ash and Barrel this weekend. I'm stoked to see my buds, the pots, drink a Fairweather Brewski and be with y'all. Best, T Fallen Lover.


gz said…
I am liking that tile..
smartcat said…
Nice pots! Like the bottom boat thing.
Anonymous said…
Can't you invent an automatic stoking mechanism?
Don't potters need these kind of labour saving devices?

Nice pots, but what are they?
Anonymous said…
Robotics and automation, can't you find and buy a mechanical arm to toss those sticks,
although I highly recommend exploiting students for free labour, just call it an internship,
they'll do anything to be trained.
If you want any helpful hints on how to train, just get a book on training dogs and puppies from a pet store.


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