Life as an Art Project

I've been called a project or a work in progress before. I love that as long as it's an Art Project and not a Science Project. I read this today written by Rob Bresney. He comes up with some good shit. YOUR LIFE IS AN ART PROJECT Time magazine asked Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough why he started writing a biography of Pablo Picasso but never finished it. McCullough said it was because the famous artist turned out to be boring. He attracted a steady flow of new lovers, and he made hundreds of aesthetically pleasing paintings, but he didn’t actually live an interesting life. I invite you to be the anti-Picasso. Put the emphasis on the quality of your adventures as much as on what you produce. Regard your life as a noble and inspiring work of art. I must confess I might have been boring up until 15 years ago when I embarked on my Mfa at Utah State. I was consumed by my work. No steady flow of new lovers. You're not going to believe this but it never crossed my mind. I was consumed by work. All work and no play makes Jack/Tony a dull boy. In the past 15 years I have been in Japan, China, Korea, Wales, Italy, Portugal, all over the US and Canada and have had a great time. When you know that your job is to make Art and get other people excited about their Art it makes for a wonderful life. For the longest time I blamed my town for being boring. My town didn't embrace clay like me. What's wrong with this picture? The answer "me!" Be more than a potter. I now take time in my pottery travels to do other things and because I have more depth in what I do I meet more interesting people. Books, cycling, cooking, gardening, philosphy and even lifes maintenance are topics I understand. I got invited to the dinner of one of the tellers at the Credit Union I deal with. I was the only customer invited for beer, wings and pizza. Why? Because I engage with them and make them smile everytime I enter the bank. It's my job! Beginners pottery classes could be considered beneath my skill level- 40+ years of making, an MFA, an RCA. Leave your ego at the door. Your job is to show them a good time, have them be successful and make conneirsurs of them.
So a week in the life of Tony Clennell involved a couple of beginning pottery classes, a ride with my buddy Dr. John followed by breakfast, a retirement party, a ride with the Railway City Cycling Club, some pot making, some great meals and I bought a new car. Moss doesn't grow on a rolling stone. Make Art! Make your life a piece of Art. Don't be boring like Picasso. Be more than that!
One of my 13 beginner classes in the past month.
happy retirement Darlene. I'll never retire. I'll just be tired but I won't rust away. So thankful to all the riches the Art world has sent my way.


Anonymous said…
At your funeral, would you like guests to toss pottery shards on your coffin?

smokieclennell said…
Luvee: Coffin? Forget that I'm clastraphobic. Train kiln please! t
Anonymous said…
Wow! What change in tune !
Glad you found out there is more to life than work before it was too late.
People from all the different avenues of life (cyclists, bibliophiles, travellers etc) enrich our lives with different perspectives and great conversation. And you know what..they are hiding in your town. ;)

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