Hitch your heart!

Hitch your heart to someone with true grit that says "Always be ready to go back!" What if ya lost it all? Do you have the grit to start over and make a living for yourself and your family? I can honestly say "I do!". This advice was given to me today by my riding buddy Dr. John whose mother in law a Japanese women survivor of interment camps,loosing everything!! All her worldly possessions were confiscated and they were placed in interment camps or basically prisons run by our government. She offered this advice to John and his wife Shirley who were dirt poor and pulled it together to be a doctor/team and make some coin. Always be ready to go back!. That is back to poverty. That is such a powerful statement. Always be ready to go back!!! I take advice from working people. People that have walked the walk and not just talk the talk. People that have the grit to make a living. I brag about my daughter Robin. She is authentic. She knows not poverty but maybe sparsity during her childhood. When we go out to a restaurant she tells the server "I appreciate you!'and she means it. We had a wood stove in Canada. No furnace, no electice heat just a wood stove to heat the entire house. I would get up early to put a log on the embers. I used to brag I used one match a year and that was usually in October. I kept the wood stove hot until May. I'd rally the kids from bed have their cereal on the kitchn counter and they would grab it and run to sit by the wood stove. We were kinda poor and extremely happy. Money can't buy ya love- I think there is a song with that title..
So for over 40 years I have loved a work horse- the wood kiln. Hard to love, hard to maintain, hard to do well almost everything about it is hard. Here are some pots gas fired and woodfired. You pick the difference. It is subtle like love. It's the small things! It's so ancient, so primitive so if the power goes out "I'm always ready to go back"!


Anonymous said…
All that hard work for brown.
Anonymous said…
Who's on your top 5 list?

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Anonymous said…
Nice to see you back in your happy place splitting and stacking wood and prepping the wood kiln.
Pc said…
Sounds like you've found a new love?

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