Joe Davis- Touchy Feely

Joe is the Studio Technologist here at USU. This is the kind of work that surrounds me in the studio. It is a high bar to reach. USU is lucky to have a ceramic artist as talented as Joe. The design skills and the technical expertise that he brings to the ceramic world are top drawer. Look for his work in New York city condos and high priced sex shops near you. Not sure what turns your crank but Joe has dick spoons, vagina's and penis parts. Don't worry though since he poured custom made condoms for the penis. I'm off to the opening in about an hour. It will be interesting to watch the responses.


Michael Kline said…
It's certainly provocative work and well made. But I have to say I almost expect to see this type of work being done in graduate school. The pottery that I am making seems, by comparison, outside of the mainstream. I recently taught a workshop at a university and was surprised that there were very few pots being made and I wondered why I had been asked to come make my pottery. Usually,at the least, the undergrad students are making pots! But not in this case.
Craig Edwards said…
It's interesting. Why clay? The work doesn't convey earthy qualities. Wouldn't a resin or metal casting work better?

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