Smooth Movers

One of the guys in my Intermediate Throwing Class Stu or Sterling has a company called Smooth Movers. He is a closet potter that pays the bills thru his entrepreneurial skills as a mover. He had a couple of his guys pack Lindsay O's rental Ford Expedition (gas pig) for her trip to Tennessee to be resident artist at Arrowmount. She asked what to do in case of a flat and I watched her drive out thinking man those tires looks low. Memories of me hitting downtown Detroit just at night fall last year with a truck load of pots and the tire blew. Detroit at night does not give a warm fuzzy feeling when broke down on the freeway. I sincerely hope she has a smooth move.
I went to visit Stu at his very first craft show. He had a nice display, flowers in the vases and was getting a taste of being a potter. When your friends and relatives have bought all your pots to date the new reality sets in.
I thought I'd spend the day just catching up with life but ended up making this vase and unloading my bisque. Being an artist takes way more time than being a potter. I am managing 1 or 2 pieces a day. My vases have almost 30 pieces to assemble and timing is everything.


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