Sweet little ride

I have never once gone to school or come from home from school without seeing the flashing lights of a cruiser. There are cops in the tree tops of this town. I heard there were more cops in Utah than there are people living in Wyoming. If you have a glass or two of wine ya ride yer bike home. Even then you can be charged but I think the officer would have to be in one hellava bad mood. Stu in my class just bought one of the new retro Chinese scooters for $1900. Sweet little ride and it gets almost 100 miles to the gallon. I think it a very sensible mode of transportation around this town.
I had a bad dream about all those hard slab constructions of mine coming apart in the wood kiln so this morning I went and made two conceptual teapots using the soft slab construction method. I cut the template shape out of roofing tar paper and once the slab stiffens up so slightly I can pick it up with the tar paper and paper holds it up while I attach the seams. I'll shoot over to the gallery this aft and take a pic of the Betty Woodman pieces that inspired these kinds of pots.


Anonymous said…
wow! those tea pots are kinda girly.... It must be Sunshine's studio rubbing off on you. -TD and BF

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